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"Bad things happen to good people."

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You can count on 18 years of experience.

Carl Jensen, Jr. has been an attorney for 18 years. He's got an extensive education, and he concentrates solely on criminal defense. If you are in a bind and need help with criminal charges, call him today for help!

Facing criminal charges can be scary, if you find yourself needing assistance with your case going to court, call Carl. He's got the dedication you need.

If you have a court martial proceeding and you are a member of the armed forces,

Carl Jensen, Jr. can help you through this process, aggressively and positively.

Personal injury includes things like slips and falls, accidents due to negligence and much more. You should get help from an attorney as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, want to request services or are interested in a FREE consultation, give Carl a call today. He will work aggressively for you.

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